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    Trailblazing has quickly become one of my go-to inspiration, motivation, and general learning and development resources. I love that Alexis always tries to make his content and advice applicable and actionable to my own goals. This newsletter is definitely something I look forward to reading every week.

    Joal Rose Lin


    The newsletter has been really great for someone like me who's starting work in the field of UX/UI Research and Design. I'm learning a lot of new things not just about the field, but about leadership and personal development too. I always look forward to these emails because I get excited to learn something new.

    Cedric Atienza


    I always find myself looking back to the things you've sent in the past. I find them really inspiring and it really helps me build confidence to work towards my own goals as a UX Researcher. I feel like I'm standing on the shoulders of giants.

    Ingrid Yvonne Herras


    Alexis is one of the best guys out there who can break down UX for those in and out of the field, and properly illustrate the value it adds to a business. He is by no means a one-trick pony; his insight into business and life will help you realize things you've missed out on and help you improve the way you think and work.

    Manuel Montinola


    I am always excited to see your newsletter entries, Alexis. I sometimes doubt if I'm courageous enough to take on teaching and writing whenever I see your emails. I like that whenever you write, it's informative, iridescent, and intimate. I could only wish to be at the same level.

    Angeli Recella


    I enjoy reading the content of your mailing list and your podcast series at Roots! The knowledge you have shared through these continue to capacitate and inspire me in developing my skills in design while already setting myself with the understanding that is relevant to my future career.

    Feil Immanuel